Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Missoni Mission

It's no secret that people have gone absolutley bananas over the Missoni for Target collection to the point where the Target site was down for most of the day due to all the traffic. I had pretty much given up on getting anything when that happened, especially since I was too lazy to check out the nearest Target figuring that most of the stuff would be gone anyway. So imagine my surprise when at 9 pm last night my Mom calls from her local Target and tells me that their shelves are still fully stocked and that she had already gotten me rain boots and a tote. Then she asked me what else she could buy on my behalf. How awesome is my Mom? I think between myself and my sisters she bought out most of what they had at Target.

The most fun part was simultaneously being on Ebay to see what her purchases were going for. In some cases the sellers were asking ten times the original price. It will be interesting to see if people are actually willing to buy at those prices. Since as much as I love the collection I wouldn't want to buy something at a designer price that is Target quality (Not that I don't love Target, because I do, it's the low prices that are part of the appeal)

You can see what my Mom managed to get below. Did I mention my Mom's awesome?

(All Images Courtesy of the Target website)