Thursday, April 8, 2010

Saturday at Eastern Market

I spent Saturday afternoon enjoying the perfect weather day at Eastern Market. Here are some pics from the day:

I always make a bee line to TinaBaby Collections whenever I go to the flea market at Eastern Market. They have an excellent collection of vintage handbags.

Had Matter not only has a clever name, but gorgeous decorative mixed media shelves. I want to put this shelf up in my bathroom to give a travel theme.

Fuzzy Ink
has giant plush mustaches. Need I say more? Ok, they also have some pretty clever t-shirts too.

This is a bit older (hence the jacket), but it's too good not to share.

This is a currently abandoned building on Penn and 10th Street. It's apparently an old Navy hospital and there is apparently some disagreement on what its use should be. It looks like something out of a ghost story, but is still so beautiful. It's a shame it's not being used.

Finally, we had to go take a peek at the Cherry Blossoms. These are located at the Senate Reflecting Pool by Union Station and there was barely a tourist in sight. A wonderful end to a wonderful day.


  1. LOVE the mustache!
    heaven. I want to go!

    btw, I'm loving volume two. thanks for blogging about the release!

  2. So glad you like! Come visit and I will take you! It's all part of my evil plan to get people to come to DC.