Monday, February 14, 2011

Jessica Simpson: Fashion Mogul?

(Image courtesy of NY

I have to admit that I have on several occasions picked up something that I thought was cute only to realize that it was from the Jessica Simpson line. Then I carefully put it back and look around to make sure no one else saw me.

Of all the celebrity lines that pop I am surprised that the her line is doing so well (Seriously, they do $750 million dollars in sales every year). Take a gander at the recent NY Mag article on her line. It's an interesting look at how much involvement celebrities have in the fashion lines that bear their name, functioning more as consultants once everything has been designed rather than design directors. Although that sort of an arrangement should be a surprise to no one.

Regardless, Simpson comes off as very endearing when she talks about what she wants for her line and her customers. Does it mean I'm going to buy that pair of J Simp shoes that I will inevitably pick up while shopping? Probably not, but it seems the rest of the country is.

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