Sunday, November 20, 2011

Images from Pinterest

Are you guys on Pinterest yet? It's kind of awesome. Basically you find pretty things on the internet "pin it" to a board and it will record will you found it. You can also browse through images that other people have pinned. It's particularly handy for bloggers like myself to keep track of where we found that awesome image so we can give credit where credit is due when we repost them. Below are some of my recent faves. Enjoy and go check out Pinterest.

Via Julia Blogg

Via Material Lust

Via FFFFound

Via Piccsy


  1. I love it, but feel too lazy to take on another site for maintenance :) Maybe I'll give it the ole' college try.

    P.S. We met at the Design*Sponge event and I meant to e-mail you, but lost your card. Finally found it :)

  2. Hello! Welcome to my little blog, which I always post from my I phone so can be bad about reading the comments. So glad you stopped by. The Design Sponge event was so much fun. I still haven't used that pillow case though.