Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Favorite Things

This post may veer strongly this into the schill-ish category (yes, I'm making up words now). What can I say when I like something a lot I want to tell people about it. Especially when that something comes from an independent designer who does amazing work. Va De Nuevo is a company based in Costa Rica that takes used leather jackets and pants and turns them into amazing bags. I discovered them on Etsy when I was looking for a unique leather bag that was sturdy and still looked fashionable, but not too trendy that it would be out of style in a year. I ended up with this bag:

It's incredibly well made and includes clever details, such as the cuff turned pocket. I always get compliments on it and feels good to know that I have a completely orginal bag. A bonus came in the personal email I was sent by the designer letting me that the bag had been shipped with a nice note about the bag. A little touch like that just made it all feel a bit more personal. Swing by the website and check out the other drool worthy bags if you have a moment.

(All images courtesy of the Va De Nuevo website)

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