Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A trip to the beach

My dears I had such a wonderful time at the beach last weekend. I had the wonderful opportunity to spend some time on Topsail Island in the Outerbanks of North Carolina. Topsail Island is a very laid back beach experience. The beaches are fairly uncrowded and the house we were at was five steps from the ocean. It really doesn't get any better than that! Enjoy some pictures from the trip!

The Intercoastal Water Way. The Outerbanks used to be Pirate county because the Intercoastal Water Way provided such great cover for the ships.

Topsail Island used to be the site of top secret missle testing. Here you can see one of the observation towers used by the military.
(Image via WWAY Channel 3)

And here you can see a house that was once a missile observation tower. I love how something that was once so sterile can become so inviting. Wouldn't it be lovely to spend a weekend here?

By far one of my favorite parts of the house we stay at is the enclosed outdoor shower. Have you ever used an outdoor shower before? It's so refreshing and wonderful to hear the waves crashing outside. It's such a unique experience and I always feel like singing "Gonna Wash that Man Right Out of my Hair"

Look up and you see nothing, but the sky...

...Look down and you see the see grasses coming though the deck.

A trip to Topsail wouldn't be complete without a trip to The Crab Pot restaurant. They have the best hushpuppies. I don't know why but the word hushpuppies always makes me giggle.

The outside of the Crab Pot. This is where I imagine that every and all Shag contests takes place.

Shag classes! Yes, please! I didn't know about this soon enough to take them this year, but I'm planning on doing it next year.

No offense to the Crab Pot, but we always make our own crab feast. This is the fishing boat that caught our crabs complete with shell souvenirs in front.


The table all set for the crab feast. Complete with a newspaper table cloth.

And finally, an advertisement for Cheerwine, an awesome cherry flavored soft drink that's made in North Carolina. It's difficult to find it outside of the south, but if you do I highly recommend you try it. It's really tasty!

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